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Asbury Theological Seminary

Asbury Theological Seminary is a multi-denominational, evangelical seminary serving nearly 100 different denominations. Rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, we have a strong emphasis on the Bible, spiritual formation and discipleship.

How to Use Social Media in a New Church Plant

There’s a formula for launching a church in America: Collect lots of money. Spend lots of money getting the word out. Turn a big crowd of strangers into a church.


We've Got a Discipleship Problem

I walked into my dorm room thinking I was alone, but I was wrong! As a senior in college at Alabama State University, I found myself at the end of a very successful four years. Everything was great. I had great grades, great girls, a great reputation and a great future.


Landing a Job: How to Network for a Church Gig

When I hear the word networking, my mind flashes back to the big networking events I attended in the past—the kind where everyone’s goal was to get 10 business cards in 15 minutes so they could “make connections.” Do you remember those?


16 Things to Know Before Taking an Online Course

Virtual learning is no longer a secondary alternative for prospective students, as millions now opt for the convenience of online education. But before signing up, consider these differences between the live- and virtual-classroom experiences.