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Regent University

Regent University is a fully accredited Christian university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees on campus and online. Named a Top 10 school in 2013 for online bachelor's programs (U.S. News & World Report), Regent unites rigorous academics and biblical faith. Students gain knowledge to excel and faith to live with purpose. The School of Divinity's diverse student body is committed to the rigorous study and application of theology, biblical interpretation, and the renewing work of the Holy Spirit. Request Information

3 Things Effective Church Communicators Must Do

Church communicators are world changers—or at least they should aspire to be, because that’s the heart of the Great Commission. World changers do three things with regularity. Effective church communicators need to do them too:


An Unshakeable Foundation

Half of all Christian students will walk away from their faith in college. How can your church confront that statistic and help teens establish a deep faith before stepping on campus?


The Cost of Integrity

A guide for healthy ministry that will help you to remain real and stay accountable


My heart broke recently as I watched Pastor Ron Carpenter pour out his heart in his weekend message to his congregation. It was a gut-wrenching experience to hear him share with his church the devastating pain his family has endured during the past 10 years and the incredibly difficult future they now face.


Why Leaders Should Continue Their Education

10 good reasons for going back to school. 


I admit I am biased here. I am a seminary dean and professor, and I believe in education. Students help to pay my salary. They have become my friends, my mentees, my children in the faith. Graduates make me proud.